We specialize in pursuing claims for compensation through both amicable settlements and litigation. The majority of our cases involve traffic accidents, medical malpractice and incidents at work.

Contracts and the law of obligations

We draft and consult on contracts and general terms. We negotiate contracts on our Clients’ behalf. We represent Clients in cases involving inadequate performance of contracts.

Sports Law

We draft professional sports contracts and transfers, we provide representation in disputes between clubs and players, we draft sponsorship agreements, and we provide representation in cases involving image rights and other personal rights.


We assist in employment disputes, including unfair dismissals or failure to pay bonuses and other benefits due. We have rich experience handling cases involving board members and officers, especially in corporations.


We represent people who are active in the field of culture, hence the musical, film and publishing industries. We draft contracts and provide expert opinions on IP law (including the use of creative works online) and advice on what solutions to choose in order to avoid the risk of even unintentional infringement. We develop strategies for rights management and image protection. We represent our Clients in litigation.


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